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I recall when I talked to Charlie correll about buying Tom Ash's business making burners when he retired and Charlie did it. He sells a lot of burners and it smooths over the hard places since burners sell to way more than glass shops . We do it with the crucibles and give out advice and evaluate glass systems as a service which High Temp can't fathom and doesn't know how to do. I would think that When Dudley retires, unless Carolyn takes over that, that particular shop would be an excellent one to have.
Tooling to make blowpipes is I suspect a crowded field at this point. Furnace sales seems to be high priced but crowded as well. Color rods and frit have enormous potential especially in the boro field. I'm amazed at what people will pay for seedy colored boro. Making clear cullet would take about a million invested but you could get it back in two years max.

All those people that Shawn talks about, the adults who just want to pollywog around and make things ala Eben's movie are your client. Teaching them useful skills isn't going to cut it. It's that or a career in fast foods.

That whole move regarding the value of the degree was an issue even in 1973. The Madison group at that point had filled all the positions that could be filled. It then went factory as I have said before and didn't work. Then Private shop which went great guns given the demand for fairly priced work and then to the overcrowding we see today. Sky may be doing fine but it's again, not common.
Oh, and own your building.

My mom, years ago said "In a gold Rush, sell shovels". I miss mom.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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