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David Paterson
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Advice On Batch In A Wire Melter

I recently built a small electric pot furnace using Kanthal A1. It is about 3 cubic feet on the inside and the pot holds about 100 lbs of glass. So far, I have charged preheated cullet only, and it gives very nice glass.

Up to this point I have used (and still have) an invested pot furnace.

The unit works perfectly, so far. It draws about 4.5 to 5 KW at 2000 F and around 6 KW at 2150.

The elements are around the sides in grooves in insulating firebrick. They are not protected in any way, so I have to be carefull charging.

I would like to melt Spruce Pine, or perhaps another batch, and would like to hear recomendations from anybody melting batch in a similer unit.

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