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I wouldn't own a stick welder. M.I.G. simply has greater flexibility and consistency. It is akin to going from a manual typewriter to a computer. I used to stick weld and I would never go back. I was in sculpture for ten years before I got side-swiped by glass. I would not get flux core but go with the gas unit. When I did stick weld, we used jet rod, the numbers for which I forget now, it has been so long ago.

For most welding around the hot shop you are not going to need a huge unit. I have a Lincoln SP-125 Plus, and it gives me all the penetration I need. You need to look closely at the specs and get a unit that is going to give you the penetration you think you are going to need and then get that. In eight years I have never once been in a situation where I was scratching my head and wishing I bought something heavier. I would buy from a welding shop with a fixed position in the physical universe.

Gas cutting in a ferrous situation is fine if you are making elaborate cuts, but most of my cuts are straight. But cutting is not welding, which is actually brazing, another animal, and one I would not use when I am joining ferrous with a MIG. I use a chop saw but wish I could get a well built band saw. The difference in the quality of the cut is noticable, but the chop saw I have is passable, and the price is right.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has a bandsaw that they love.

Parker S.
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