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Arsenic gasses out of the glass when it's molten and/or founding batch. It will out gas from white lead arsenate powder. A sweet smell. Lead leeches out of glass if the contents are acidic more readily than anything else but it leeches enough to be an issue in decanters. It's really slow to do it. It got it's reputation in house paint in the forties- sixties as the bright easily colored paint began to peel from the walls and kids ate it- again really sweet Causing brain damage

I find it interesting that as I age, my spelling is getting worse and worse and that can be attributable to lead in the old adage, "Lead makes you stupid".
I'm a prima facie case of that.

Beyond that, there's an ugly rough road ahead in the arts. It's the first thing into the tank and always the last one out. I supect that when people think they will get their old jobs back, it might be true but at a far lower pay as business tests the waters on costs. The field will be seriously winnowed. I no longer have any sales outlets at all actually and the cost of electricity here for just running the tools is equaling the cost of propane for the furnace . We will pretty much just live on fumes and that's hard because I do love making things from glass.

I'm looking at raising mushrooms but even that needs a robust restaurant scene.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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