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Originally Posted by Greg Vriethoff View Post
Depends on what type of mushrooms
When I turned 21, I had a friend fly six friends of mine to the Grand Canyon for lunch. We actually landed the plane on 666 south of Window Rock and taxied up to the holiday inn for breakfast. Then we went on, flying below the rim which was still legal and landed at the airport outside the park and took a shuttle in.

Frank, the pilot and I were going thru the gift shop stuff and they had things like "Maple Leaves- no two alike" for .69 cents. i was around a corner and saw this basket and yelled for Frank and he came around and we bought the entire bucket which was about a bushel of hallucinogenic Peyote mushrooms- .25 cents each. We took those home, a good score.

I used to go to the Crown Point auctions for rugs out in the western part of the state. Lots of cash moving. The only time I've ever worn a gun and you needed it. I loved that part of the world when I was a kid. Anything could and did happen.
Now, it's being devastated by the virus.

I'll grow Shiitake and Portabellas.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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