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Originally Posted by Mark Rosenbaum View Post
Can we list here what cullets are available or soon to be???

Cristalica... available from Olympic and Spruce Pine
Charlie Parriot's.... is this the same as "K" cullet? (Kugler?)
Oceanside (Spectrum 2.0 formula) .... they are introducing it at G.A.S.
Are there any other players available (or soon to be) in the states? Thanks

Oceanside is NOT Spectrum 2.0 formula. It's system 96 compatible and looks exactly like clear plate that's come off the line and been broken up. They said they are making it 'special' for the cullet market. But it's not the new 2.0 formula and it is compatible with their system 96 line. Which makes it incompatible with spruce pine, or Crystallica... I don't know where K cullet(kuglar) falls into things on expansion, but the spec sheet looks good to not eat my furnace. But after looking at k-cullet at GAS this weekend we can't run it. it's too massive. It'll break things in our furnace when it pops(which it will unless we preheat it and then why is that convenient?). It looks like extruded clear bar in big chunks. Pretty glass, but scary looking to toss into the pot.

Charlie Parriot's cullet is NOT the k-cullet from Kuglar. It's a completely different beast from a yet another manufacturer and will be coming as small 'patties' in the bags if the samples at GAS are any true indication. I don't even have a spec sheet on it yet so I can't say what's in it. Olympic says it's not going to eat our furnaces like Cristallica. Who knows until I see a spec sheet. Oympic swears that Charlie will be able to meet the demand. We'll see.

That's what I've seen so far at GAS this year looking at the cullets.
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