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I would candidly stay on the sidelines with Ocenside for a year. Cristallica is pretty much what Jordan described- more supply less quality. Parrot will I think deliver a good product but will have trouble with massive demand. Kugler, as I understand it is being panned in Seattle for a variety of reasons.

It's far from over.

Interestingly, I sent Croucher an observation yesterday about SP87. A few months ago, in another thread an assertion was made, and supported by the Frank Wooley analysis of SP87 as to the Lithium Content. The assertion was at .5 percent.

I recalled that differently but looking back, Frank was correct, until he was not. I have two printouts from SP regarding the formula. John has them as well and they're both really old. One shows lithium content at 1.0 percent, and the other at .5 percent as a big difference. Frank is tagged to the latter which I imagine is the correct place today. My original which came from Tom decades ago is on a printed cardstock, slightly tan with rather different numbers for various ingredients. Interesting that I never noticed that before.
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