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Lani McGregor
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Originally posted by Henry Halem
Harvey? not a chance. Dan should remember Barber was doing work with batch at Madison when we were there.
Yes, Dan still has those brain cells. And how could we forget Barber? He was production manager here for years. Bullseye’s own Raymond Babbitt.
Barber was the real whiz with the glass calculation though. He, Barber may have been doing glass calc. prior to 65 but we have no way of knowing as he's dropped off the face of the earth.
Now, now, be kind. Portland, Oregon (where Mr B still babbles) is not “off-the-face-of-the-earth.” I have it on good authority that it is three ‘burbs better than “Bum**** Nowhere”.
Barber was doing his batching in 68 when I was there. So there really is no definitive answer to your question. A bottle of single malt might help me in doing more research though.
Do you want that with a side of Jerk sauce or neat?

Seriously, there must be records – somewhere – as to when the color bars started being schlepped according to COE. Do you have any old product catalogues? Anyone else? Or are they all in Marvin’s attic?
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