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Trying to figure out SCRs

Iíve been controlling my SiC elements with just an SSR with mains voltage. Just this weekend I found an amazing deal for an SCR and bought it. While waiting for it to arrive Iím trying to figure out how and if I can actually use it. Iíve been reading a lot the past few days but I have absolutely no experience with SCRs.

Iíve read that with phase angle fired SCRs it is not recommended to go below 50% of the mains voltage. How does that work for controlling SiC elements? Seems way too much for minimum available power output initially. Especially with the power reserve you must have to compensate for element aging. Or is it even possible to use phase angle firing mode without a transformer to control SiC elements (in a glass blowing furnace application)?

I could of course use the SCR in burst firing mode but would there be any advantages to my current setup that does the same with an SSR. I also had a stupid idea of just limiting the voltage with the SCR and use the SSR for burst firing.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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