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Originally Posted by Dave Bross View Post
My spreadsheet still has the lower number for lithium because changing it now would throw off all my past recipes. Did I forget to mention that in the instructions?

I'm sure the higher number is correct considering the source.
It simply would suggest that what you assume is not quite spot on regarding other ingredients. That being said, Those other ingredients can have a lot of water in them. No one has run a calc on H20 for some reason...
Bottom line? testing AND TESTING CAREFULLY . If it works for you, it may not work for someone else. At one point when Glassnotes 4 was coming together I mentioned "local conditions" and Henry did not like that. All I could say was " which feldspar, how humid is the place, it matters."

I had a client making rod for the 104 bunch and he was making Hagy Seals incorrectly, fusing the entire thing from top to bottom. He was selling it. I pointed out that a Hagy seal is made by fusing the top and the bottom only. That methodology was worthless. He simply stopped talking to me.

Anyone who claims to know it all is full of it and remember that. We all get humbled regularly. It's quite the medium. Physics intolerant.

The hardest part really is not being willing to put what you know, or at least believe out there. I look back at stuff I published 30 years back and I wouldn't put it in print now, but it moved the ball forward. When Henry asked me about doing Glassnotes 4 over I simply said that all my sources were gone and they did go. Trouble was that the new ones that appeared don't want to be published. I have to respect that. Gov regs changes. have my own sources but they're actually limited in volume. Giving it out cuts me off.

As long as people keep using nuggets, whatever the source, they're in for an upheaval every two years as to what happened in that industry. Right now, I'm not convinced at all that the move is Seattle is going well at all. Look to your supplies if you don't make your own.
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