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Phosphate melt questions

So I've got my color unit up again and I would like to do some phosphate melts in this new pot I threw in there. I'm going to be working off a formula we used at John's class which used SP batch with erbium as the base. I have that here, it's what I use for my clear, but I also brought some bags of the 87 plain (no erbium) that I picked up from the batch plant down there. I've used the plain a lot in the past so as to not waste erbium on some of the colors I've done where I'm just adding colorants to their base, and save a bit of money as I think it's a bit less expensive. Question is, without the decolorant, does anyone think I'd see a greenish tint to the opaline white I'm looking for? I'm prob overthinking this as is usually my MO, but if there were any objections based on experience that could potentially save me a wasted test melt.

Also, one more, someone recommended not letting the temp get below 2150 for phosphates. Any truth to this? Just asking because that's a bit warmer than my usual gathering/idle temps.

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