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Thanks, I just mixed and batched a cobalt blue today instead of trying to deal with the copper, and even though I prefer the blue from copper I just want to make some blue cane that has a bit of density. I have gotten the copper additions to fit in the past, but it was less copper than this problem melt and there was some iron in those mixes as well which, according to one of the spreadsheets I looked at, might help mitigate what the copper is doing to the expansion? And I have no idea what it's doing to the viscosity as you mention. Still not sure what to think about the snot in the last melt, but I tried to clean the hell out of the pot before melting this cobalt today.

I'd like to try one more phosphate before I shut down for rest of the summer, and I'm taking a look at mixing from scratch instead of the SP again. Curious, do you think it'd be a waste of time to try for a manganese purple phosphate if I have enough potassium in the mix (which I think I've noticed can help the manganese purple tones)? I'm asking because I thought I'd heard opal purples are a tough go for whatever reason, but maybe I heard that wrong?
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