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hot popping ring tests?

Watched this DVD I bought online from Le Stanze del Vetro in Venice. They have quite a few books and videos for sale thru their online store. This video was called "l'uomo di notte" (the man at night), and was about Paolo Venini. It was a bit boring I'd admit but a lot of it was behind the scenes footage of the nighttime batching and melting operations into which they give you a glimpse and was the best part if you ask me. Towards the end, they even showed one of the maestros or assistants making long thin bubbles in the morning before the others got there. He was letting them cool on a wooden rack, then hot popping rings with a fresh bit that got wrapped around the cylinder, twice in two places about 1.5" apart to pop the ring. He then scores the ring with the same hot bit and he was looking at the flex it seemed, and/or whether there was a gap I presume. It was a VERY thin wall-thickness. They explained they do this every morning to try to make sure all the glasses fit one another. Not sure it's as much info as an annealed saw test can give you, but I'm not ready to argue with how they do things at Venini. And my goodness, the gorgeous colors they've made over the years..
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