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Originally Posted by Michael Charles McCain View Post
On the show they say 'six hours to design and create'. That must have included the prep, coldwork ( which was tactfully ignored) and all around smoke breaks. Most of the work seems like it could get cranked out in an hour or two.
Having the CMOG teams make their final presentation definitely did wonders for the winner.
If you look at her website, she had done some of her pieces before. She did not go far out of her repertoire. At least some of the others pushed their ideas to adapt their skills to the art school "bullshit" that seemed to be required.
Yeah, the first kid who lost his piece on the final heat could not have taken 6 hours to design and make a footed vase.... He should have had 5 or 6 in the box in that time
Cold working is an "acquired taste". Not many money shots in a very time-consuming process
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