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I go around in circles when I think of Harvey's "Technique is Cheap". If you rely on it as sole source, you get cactus, you get goblets, you get the Calif loop series, as well as Harvey's repetitive lyrics. To his credit, Dale did radically change his work numerous times but then relapsed into remakes of the
blanket cylinders from 1976.

The downside of having your own studio is that it has to get paid for every month. School, theoretically should be a release from those confines to allow exploration. Too often? School is a production shop for the student. Pilchuck used to do that since it needed the money and took on marginal glassmakers. The big kids at the MOMA pay attntion to all of this and are unimpressed. I still think the best piece I've seen in years is the carrion crows with the Chandelier. I continue to find it highly ironic that American glassworkers complain about the Chinese while most of them know the Italian term for every imaginable technique regarding cane.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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