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Making beer is hard. If it's less than 140 proof off the Lyne arm I don't mess with it. There was a period of 25 years in there where I didn't drink at all. These days? Who cares? is the working theory.

As to Craftweb, I agree. It is and will remain a work in progress but the archives have become remarkable. I haven't seen John since he departed for Sri Lanka in 1989. Vanished. Nick quit glass and went back to pots. Nick is remarkable. Henry sadly passed away.

With the influence of my new able ( and strong) assistant, I'm back at color again. Today I drew out thread as fine as human hair of a copper ruby which I haven't attempted since I stopped using the moly. As a colorless hair, on the outside of a piece, it struck an intense red. Just as striking as my black. Now, to dial it back down to earth. I may get the crusher out for the stuff.
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