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Originally Posted by Max Epstein View Post
Whaaaaaaaat the f*******?
That's not the cover. The cover continues to be a pneumatically operated glass bench doing all jobs with a glass guy in a cowboy hat at the hand control. Drawn of course by John Nickerson.

Here's a link to buy the different books Joe has brought back from the dead. "The Schedules" is a remarkable compilation of real world annealing programs by Graham Stone. Hard to find but it should be in everyone's library. Henry Helmers batch book is just an amazing collection of formulas. I go to it when I'm looking for fifty different ways to approach a color.

I really react to copying material that is available for sale.If it's a long gone source, I have no problem. Joe put a lot of effort into getting this work back in print. You would not like someone copying your work.
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