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I move almost every batch I make around in five gallon buckets. They can have lids. You could consider putting the tent at your home and do the mixing there.

If you use Spruce Pine as your your clear, or mine, those are just sealed bags and they don't need that room at all. What you do need is an exhaust system for your furnaces but you need that anyways in Florida just for the heat.

Putting it in perspective, if you want two small color pots that hold 13-15 lbs, that doesn't take much of a furnace nor does it take much batch to fill them. This can be done in a really small space with a table, two good scales and a mixer from Home Depot. When I had Scott Benefield showing how to mix in the classes, he had just those things. There was indeed another mixing room for other colors but, again , in perspective, we were charging 14 crucibles every day and sometimes twice a day.

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