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Moly Replacement Elements

I now have Moly elements, straps and clamps in stock for 6/12 and 9/18 moly disilicide elements.
The 6/12 style is $460.00 per pair
The 9/18 style is $760.00 per pair
clamps are $13.50 each
Straps are $13.50 each
Minimum order is four elements.
I am now drop shipping to clients and experiencing almost no breakage. It costs almost exactly the same. The factory has gotten irritatingly weird on breakage. If they ship four, and break one, They will cut the invoice cost by 25 percent all the way through the shipping costs BUT they won't replace the element until your next order. Given that, I did complain but they'r firm SO, it is wisest to order at least two more than you need. I hate it but I can't get it changed.

Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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