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There are two different batches. The one I primarily tout as great is a Clear formula with a barium presence, little calcium and no borax but a lot of nitrate. I would not be inclined to use it as a calcedonia base but it could work, it will just take extra black tin and probably more silver to fight off the nitrate,

BUT... It is also designed to marry to the unoxidized formula which I provided the class years ago. If you were matching it to Cristalica ( which is how it's spelled) the Cristalica would be about a half point higher than mine which is tolerable. Mine just sits on SP87 as the target expansion.

It might be the case that either Spruce Pine or East Bay could mix that since it contains no nitrates at all eliminating the hydrophilic tendencies of potassium that Spruce Pine has problems with. Neither has the formula but I can provide it to them.
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