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Here’s more of the equipment update. This GH will have an interior dimension of 13”dia. x 14”deep with a 10” and 4” access holes, a 4x6 ribbon burner. At the butt end of the chamber I’m using a 2” 2800ifb w/3.5” fiber, the doors and retainer ring I’ll use casto-lite. The cylinder is going to be cast from a cheaper Pryor Giggly’s Econocast, this product is supposed to hold up better to the heat and flame.

Question….With the smaller I.D. and the flame so close (13”) to the opposite side I wondered if it wouldn’t be better to mount the burner at the top and let the flame shoot down on a sand covered floor,…but I don’t know if “that” positioning of the burner would adversely effect the use of the glory hole…….????

The pipe warmer was a fun little project,…the plans are a free down load from Durolite.
[still waiting on the burner though]

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