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I would stick to a side shot Lawrence for several reasons. First try to follow the radius of the inside of the gloryhole. You need to leave some room for your air and gas to mix as well before combusting. Putting all the tooling up top will get it pretty hot since.... heat rises so I would expect it to be harder on your blower etc. There should also be some pressure up there from the combustion which the burner apparatus would have to overcome which implies higher air/gas pressure which implies more cost. Way back when, I switched the furnaces at Pilchuck from top to side fired and lowered the fuel bill about $1,000 per week.

I mount my blower down low under the barrel and take two 90's to get up to the side entry. That leaves me space for the needle valve and the solenoid. I know a lot of people just put it outside so they don't have to listen to it. I think my neighbor would come and destroy it. He likes it really quiet.
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