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Originally Posted by Tom Fuhrman View Post
Has any cullet producer ever supplied good glass in large quantities consistently? I don't think so. no one will pay the price for what's involved. Making 100,000's of lb. of this stuff per month to make a few cents per lb. is not a good business model to make a decent profit and a good product. There's a reason Bullseye gets well over $5/lb. for their products and Schott gets more like $8-12/lb. as Pete has always said, it's expensive to make good glass. In addition, quality control doesn't come cheap. All the big guys have learned this the hard way. Most of the large glass companies in this country are now history. i.e. Lancaster, Anchor, Fenton, Smith, St. George Crystal, Jeanette, Colony, Steuben,. do I need to go on?
As Harvey once said to me : You can make it a secondary product but you can't make it a primary product.

The product has to have enough of a profitability to make quality control justifiable which is what sank Seattle batch cullet, ( among other things). The troubles always start when there's no time to make that a priority. Raw materials change with mine runs. Moisture is always a problem and expensive furnace liners wear out while fuel costs rise. I have not seen anyone yet who relied on cullet that did not ultimately hit a wall. While I don't think it's at a crisis level yet, I think it will come to be a major supply interruption for people that rely on it. A backup plan is a really good idea. Right now, cullet is supplied from a sole source in the trade and that's really bad. The price could be jacked to $1.50- 2.00 lb and there's nothing anyone could do about it without an alternative that currently doesn't exist.
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