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Originally Posted by Art Freas View Post
The other strange thing to me is when I mentioned sweeping compound at my shop nobody knew what I was talking about.
You and your employees may just really like it. Absolutely dustless and it absorbs an amazing amount of material solids as well. It will work extremely well on a smooth floor, not so hot on a rough broom finish.
You can buy it from Graingers in 50lb boxes. It's not particularly expensive.

As to regulators, My worst experience was with a guy who quit his job and took that to the state when he wanted the job back finding he couldn't collect unemployment if he wasn't fired. He was continually turned down and continually appealed. Finally he went to work for a woman who paid him under the table while he continued to claim he couldn't find a job, keeping his appeal open. I warned her to stop and she didn't so a state IRS audit followed. It was ugly. There were no upshots for me that were bad. I was simply honest about it.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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