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Originally Posted by Lawrence Duckworth View Post
...I guess I’ve been caking it on pretty heavy, very dense/dark..
Thanks again Larry, I’ll lighten up in the morning. The one I pulled out of the annealer this morning was dark chocolate.
It might help if I could see a picture of the torch your using and maybe a picture of the flame as well. Flame chemistry is critical in regards to color and metal film thickness.

Yes I can get a very small flame using the number 5 tip.
I’ll try using the bigger torch also to fume, I read somewhere that a small flame was better?
At least on the surface, that sounds like bad advice to me as again chemistry is very important. To me that misses the mark. Also, flame size can be somewhat compared to brush size in painting. I use different sizes based on what Im trying to achieve. One of the reasons I find these techniques so addicting is that its somewhat like painting in what you can achieve.

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