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Having seen both furnaces 10 days ago, I think that what you want to do will work. Neither furnace had hot spotting problems and neither furnace was being run close to max when charging.They were idling at about 20% power and hitting 2100F. . I am planning on mine being a six element ( 18 inch) with a 200 Amp SCR and a 50KVA Transformer. I plan to melt a 150 lb pot and two small color pots in the same furnace. They will all be freestanding.

I do know the crucibles and the shorter elements do not pose any thermal shock issues at all for the pots.

Do I recall correctly that I met you at GAS and sold you some pots and you told me about the wool mill on P.E.I.? They are such nice people. I did buy their yarn and love it! I am happily weaving rugs for the house in all my spare time.
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