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Originally Posted by Michael Charles McCain View Post
I'm wishlisting.
Merker lathes have always been the definitive for glass carving, as I've come to know. Am I wrong?
They were quite well made, solidly built machines, but if you're looking to buy a refurbished one I'd recommend you first take a look at the grinding lathes that this guy named Jim in Canada has been making recently. He's a super precise machinist, so wheels spin true AF, and the best part is he has designed it to be adjustable height. I'm mostly leaving mine on the higher position so I'm not as hunched-over as when I used to use my older Denver one, but if you wanted to sit down while you grind or make whatever changes for better ergonomics, that is possible with just two wrench adjustments. They're expensive, but they should be based on the amount of precision work he does and the good motor/controller, and I think the price might be comparable to a refurbished Merker which only stays at one height. Also, I think Jim's has a longer arbor which provides more clearance for larger work. I'm sorry I don't know his last name, and he doesn't have a website as far as I know, but I can get you his email if you're interested.
Sorry if this sounds like an advertisement, but I just really have liked the quality of what he is making.

And yeah, go with Mark's (grind king) wheels. They're also expensive but they should last a long, long time being sintered and all.
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