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John Called me yesterday and we chewed the fat about the class and the different ways to approach it. He said he might be inclined to teach again in about 30 years. I know the feeling.
He is on his way back to Auckland now. I had thought he was going to move up here when Gaffer relocated in Portland but he indicated that he was really retiring. I know that feeling too. He might come back to the States if GAS gets held at Corning again. I also know that feeling. It's indeed too bad that Luke could not get the VISA. Under this administration it is not easy to do. I know Gaffer had real difficulties bringing some of their experienced people up here. John is still looking around for bar rollers.

You are all fortunate to have gotten to know him at all. He will really be known for his contributions to color in the future which is obviosuly true for Mark as well. Eric Truleson was in that class as well./ He spent a year here with me doing color and I will be most interested in his take on it. John also mentioned Jordan. I'm glad it went well.
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