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Initially, it appeared that Nick had called me to see if he could borrow my polarimeter which would have been fine but by the time we had connected, he told me he was being lent one by Strainoptics. I didn't realize that "Lent" meant "rent" and at the $1600 dollar loan for two months, that's really a lot of money. I would have rented him mine for that in a heartbeat.

Any and all of these methods for determining strain are valid in my mind and the pull test starts you down the road immediately to knowing whether your day is ruined BUT none of them in these existing scenarios is going to hand you a definitive "go- No Go".

When I was testing the Marko Blanko, i had work that was showing no signs of strain but broke up a few months later. That was discouraging. I've lost work to a variety of events, not the least of which was questionable annealing.

I tend to think that both John and I own that tool because we both made color rods. I don't think I would own one if I hadn't done that. Too much money. Even my crusher now runs $7,000 dollars.

It certainly is the case that the ring test rquires seeing more than a few ring tests but at the same time, normally, if the ring survives the saw, the fit is usually adequate right then, yet the gap will tell you what to do next in fine tuning. That's how I work in general.

Mark was the real curiosity in that he never measured anything to my knowledge. He just had this Yoda way of looking at the colors in the earlier days. Now, to the best of my knowledge, he never laminates color at all. It's all monolithic and what needs determining most is the annealing cycle. His big issue has long been durability.

I do think that a decent machinist could build the tool. The proof would certainly be in the pudding and I do think the tool is necessary to own if you're going to make and sell colored glass.
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