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It's really helpful to not stir calcedonia glasses. If you do, they start to turn gray. So "slap gather" is just what it sounds like. Have an interior gather ready, as big as you want and then dip down on the side of that gather, lift up, rock it back and forth unless you like messes, and pull away from the pot. It will show the veining very clearly that way if it's a decent glass. I have seen people get directly above the pot and go straight down in and straight back up getting vertical veins. As Jordan suggests, you can lay out pieces of what ever shape you want on the marver and pick them up. Fred Warren was doing some beautiful work doing that.
I've long suspected that Dino as mercury in his calcedonia. I can't think of anything else that would make it so effective.

But don't stir it. It also likes to be thick.
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