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Damn those decimals!

We didn't really focus on it at all but glasses really do undergo change as they are heated and cooled. Chromes do, Cad Sels do, fluorines do, phosphates do, gold glasses do in my experience. It celebrates you getting to make your own glasses. They are tailored

As glass processes get more and more convoluted, the material is asked to do things beyond the stability of the eutectic. I remember Steve Weinberg saying, "Jeez, it's only glass."

Some folks expect the material to be something it's not- unchangeable. It's very changeable and maybe not in ways that you like. Can the problems be overcome? Sometimes, not always.

It provides us privilege and humility all in the same moment.

I really hope you enjoy John. Who else out there is taking the class from him. I'm envious.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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