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I think that both the ring test and trident seal are behavioral, in that they take into consideration the behavior of the glass in a process including the method of annealing used. What is hard here is that they require annealing which is hard to wait for when you have a tank of glass and color to use. I also agree that the pull test makes the most sense with the least variables, which is the case a lot of the time when adding color to batch. You have limited things to change. Who knows what the variable are when the bar formula is inknown? Survival is the test. The ring test is probably the quickest test of survival.
So Pete, what is the quickest ring test method? If the wall thickness is less that some measure, can it be cooled in say an hour or two and still be meaningful. This does not reproduce the actual annealing that might be used but gives you something to look at before lunch. Can we get down to what you call a useable methodology?
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