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"Ive read a chapter in a chemistry book about moles and will have to read it a dozen more times to see how I could actually use the information"

When you read moles think dozens and chicken eggs.

If I have a dozen eggs and know their weight I can figure if they are small, medium, or large eggs.

If I have a certain weight of eggs and know if they are large, medium, or small I can figure how many I have.

If I have a dozen eggs I can only make a dozen fried eggs. If I have a dozen fried eggs I can make a dozen fried egg sandwiches and need two dozen pieces of bread.

If I have a mole of silver I know how much it weighs.

If I the weight of the silver I know how many moles I have.

If I know the weight of a pure batch of something and know how many I have I can figure what it is. (i.e. silver vs tin)

If I have one mole of oxygen and want to make one mole of water I know I need two moles of hydrogen.

Moles are just like dozens.
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