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One of the things I cope with poorly are those self serve stations in restaurants which have a glass cover over the food being offered. I lose my entire sense of depth of field, why, I have no idea but pdf type books do the same thing to me. When I use glassnotes, which I do frequently particularly on the charts for materials and oxides supplied with the reciprocals, I tend to bounce back and forth formulating what I'm trying to do. I can just mark the page with a post it and then go to Volf, or Weyl or a layout of old formulas with yet another post it. Then I wander into the spreadsheet. I may have five books out on the table. It would really be hard with doing that on the computer.
With my Weyl, It's a first edition and is a nive compact book. The reprint with the gray cover is this massive paperback that is actually difficult to negotiate, quite the difference. Joe Pieffer on the other hand did a fabulous job with the reprint of Volf.

I simply would never consider selling my books. Someone asked me yesterday, implying I might sell my strainoptics polarimeter. It would be the last thing to go in the shop. The dilatometer would go first.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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