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Eben, I can't tell you how many times I have had massive attempts to join using free email sites. Sometimes 30 an hour. Most have been spammers based on their IP's. I actually check out the applicants. I need to see a viable reason for wanting to be here. When I do, I register.

I doubt that using free servers is causing a vast number of women to not post here is a viable explanation for the differences. The fact is that there are a lot of women on the site. I can track everyone as to what they are looking at. They choose not to post in disproportionate numbers. I was curious as to why. Most of the answers were of course, from men, save Roseanna and I thought she would have something to say about it when I posed the question. True of Pringle as well.

Shawn is correct about the take both Katie and I have on this. I can register gmail. I just frequently don't. ..and our criterion for registering that seems so formidable is using your real name and have an association with glass. How hard is that?
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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