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Cement Floor Finish for a HotShop

Hi Everyone!

New here, but been reading for a few months.
I come from the Boro glass world. Ive been working with glass for 18years, and did 4 years of Hot Shop work a while ago and im setting up to get back into it as i miss it... im old school and I love forum format, less annoying that facebook, and more indepth.

I will run for now the small hot shop with the 2 Skutt Furnace i was using to melt borosilicate, using 30 and 60pounds crucible.

As im working on getting the new 800sqf ready for the hot shop, im really debating about the best way to finish the floor on it.

It is a thick heated radiant Slab , with the actual finish being hand trowel.

Im wondering if i should leave it as is or acid wash and seal as i usually do , or else ?... most shop i saw had a nice finished flooring made with the helicopter machine or flat grounded by sander... mine if more ruff..

Since we will most obviously drop a bunch on glass on it, im wondering about offgazing/burning the stain or the sealer i would put on it , but also that would generate toxic gases while burning etc... I dont care about burn mark, but more about the toxic side of it...
but leaving it as is might imply more dust, more porous, etc...

if you guys have any input on this it would be greatly appreciated,

sorry if my english isnt always perfect as my first language is French.. (Quebec)

Thanks !

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