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Originally Posted by Victor Chiarizia View Post
i stained and sealed my floor 15 years ago and it still looks pretty good. pex tubes are good to ~180deg F so i don't think there's an issue. had them in my shop in CT and the floors were wonderful to stand on bare footed. have them in my house i built here in NC too. best heat in the world. vic

oh....power trowed is my finish of choice although they can be slippery when wet if the guy trowels them too well. stains are fantastically beautiful and you can apply them yourself.
Good to hear on the tubes, I honestly never had anyone have any thing as hot as a furnace above them. Had the concrete folks put them in the wrong place on a habitat build and we couldn't shoot the plates in, had to use some nasty glue for the interior walls on the slab.
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