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Ed's pull was between a fluorine glass and a transparent. I was floored by it but it makes sense if you consider the work done at bullseye. That remains an issue that the ring test and Hagy test actually deal with. If you can saw a cup that's part opaque and part clear. You either have a fit or you are very close. The gap is indeed the indicator.

In a Hagy seal, if you aren't pretty close ( I would say under 2 points) the deal just breaks up, another good indicator of trouble BUT when it breaks, you know nothing more.

Again, they are all indicators and should all point in the same direction. Anyone who simply says "It hasn't broken" is not only kidding themselves, they are unfair to the final client and they are unfair to the history of glass making. Historically, I am having trouble remembering finished pieces with tons of different colors in them as we see today and I think there's a reason for that. There is such a thing as being a conscientious craftsman. Durability is part of that .
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