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Results are in. I tested the black glass with my clear with a variety of different ways. I did the "live test" where i made a thin cup and sat in down in some vermiculite just so it didnt get hit with a cold breeze or something. I made a cup and put it in the color kiln and just crashed it. and then i made cups and put them in the annealer at the normal cycle.
- Live test results- I made two cups, one with black on the inside and one has black on the outside of the clear. They both want to overlap. both test have similar thickness and ratio and outside diameter. so i figured that there was some sort of strain in the fast cooling. i cut some extra rings off the same cups to reanneal and see what happens.
Kiln crash test- that one was resting perfectly. No gap. I also cut an extra ring of the cup to reanneal.
- Annealed test- those cut and scored perfectly as well. no gap either way.
- The reannealed results- the live test with black on the outside, it originally had an overlap. After annealing the test it has a large gap of about .092 in and the ring with the black on the inside also has a gap but not as severe and is also out of alignment.Meaning they wont fit back together like a puzzle piece. The kiln crash test still was resting with no gap but was also out of alignment. Which made we wonder if i should not have scored them vertically before reannealing? maybe the heat and soak of the annealer warped them from heating unevenly or something?
i will try this all again on the next melt next week but the kiln crash test and the regular annealed cups so far are the only ones in common. Any thoughts or ideas on the process?
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