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Thanks Pete. I haven't done a pull test, yet anyway, and in fact I've already scooped out the rest of that pot of phosphate just this morning. I've just seen such vastly different results from pull tests, which (I think) I'm doing correctly. For instance, on a few occasions when I've done them in the past, the pull test bend contradicted what both the spreadsheet and ring test results had been saying. I remember that being frustrating, like it wasn't really helping me any and just throwing more confusion into the mix. Maybe this is a limitation of the pull test since one is an opal phosphate and the other is a soda lime clear? I remember you saying pull test not reliable with vastly different glass bodies, like the fluorines for example. It's worth saying though that I had not annealed any of those previous pull tests.

I suppose I was just curious about the ring test where the outer glass was the phosphate and the inner was my clear and if the outer glass was showing that it was in compression or tension (?) if it broke more violently than the one with the clear on the outside. I was hoping that could be some kind of other indicator here. I have noticed in some pieces I do with cane, there seems to be less tolerance when the cane is on the surface of the piece, versus when the cane is cased, or even better, sandwiched between layers of clear. So just thinking out loud here, and if I need to do two test cups each time, one the reverse of the other, just for extra input on the fit. I think I just might have to now..
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