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Originally Posted by Randy Kaltenbach View Post
I never thought about this before. Where was concentrated color to be used with clear invented?
Color along those lines had been around German and Swedish shops for a long time. In Sweden, you could see entire bars stuck up in pipe warmers before 1970. Klaus got his start early on providing color to myriad shops in Germany before the cold war split the country in two leaving Reichenbach on the E. German side. GLASMA mixed proprietary stuff for Kugler.
Bendheim (sp?) brought rod into the united states and was selling it at RISD as early as 1970 and they had an exclusive to do so or that's what they thought. Spruce Pine under Harvey got it as well rather late in that game and a disgusted Bendheim quit handling it. OCR got it from Harvey with some questionable finances I won't go into here . I don't know how Zimmermann arrived. We were using it at Pilchuck in the mid '70's. Beautiful color and always problematic. Then there were rabbits friends and relations who came and went. Gaffer was an upstart back in the early '90's first handled by East Bay which Phil dissed, then to Phil, then on their own. .Phil drops Kugler... blah blah blah.. Chuck and I had a brief shot at it but we were undercapitalized .
Rainbow Color rods was my favorite. They sent out a card saying they were coming to GAS and then when they did, there was cobalt blue, manganese purple and a turquoise and a green. They guy representing it didn't know what expansion factors were. I don't know how the italians handle big loads of color. I don't think they went beyond Effetre and didn't seem inclined to work with anything off the Island.
Dale actually did claim he brought color rods into the country for a time. I think he quit making that claim by 1998. RISD did make their own colors for a time but it was profoundly basic.

Now that's my best recollection and some ( much) may be wrong.
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