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Cont> Tom Littleton was able to assure us that apart from a change in a feldspar source some years ago (with virtually identical specs to their original feldspar) nothing had changed. Pete V double checked with old SP as he outlined above .

We melted the SP 87 recipe at our factory and trident tested it with our standard just to make sure that we definitely were on the same page. The tests confirmed that we were. We sent the SP87 recipe to Spectrum so that they could repeat the same experiment rather than rely on samples gathered in Seattle.

I'm sorry to say we have heard nothing since. A local glassblower has just taken delivery of a couple of tonnes of Premium nuggets and they are still 2 points higher than our standard and SP87 so nothing has changed.

We desperately want Spectrum to make a cullet that is compatible with that defacto standard in the States which we have tuned all our colour to. We accept that defacto standard is SP87. If they do we will be the first to shout about it from the roof tops.
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