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Thanks Lawrence, I think that really helps. James Burt has bought the 22.5 KW electric package from me and I'm trying to convey how that front plate works. I've advised him to get the plate and then design around it since he wants to bring the 24 inch pot out the front ( What a concept) . Mine, on the 28 inch electric package tilts back a bit on the back of that casting but presents in essentially the same way as yours. That's a great sequence, thank you.

I really will miss my moly.

I'm about to start a medium size gas unit using an 80 lb pot and two 11 inch pots for the time Scott and I will melt enamels if there is an interest.I could use it as a permanent smaller furnace as opposed to the larger one. It will use a recuperation system Charlie Correll is building. I'll do it from the first weld if there is an interest.

Otherwise I'll just build it.
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