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This is kind of what I expect from these people. It's the primary reason I decided to stop teaching. This is snake oil.

I am going to delete the links to them in other posts. Beware!

I'm truly appalled at this. Doug has a very small conscience. I'll be a bit more open. He took my color class and then went home and wanted to sell color rod using my formulas. I objected based in copyright and he was furious. He called the color rod group by a well known rock group name. He couldn't even come up with an original name for that.

when any of you think about intellectual property rights in your own work, consider this please. support my friend and mentor John Croucher at Gaffer Glass, not this stuff. I've worked for years to educate and this pushes me to no longer do it. It's antithetical to what I believe in.
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