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5 tons a day won't meet european and American demand. My calc suggest 1.5 % boron and the move to remove it is something I suggested almost two years ago. The reports from furnace makers here are something of what I expected with the silicates and fireclays being assaulted as Durk suggests. It is very similar in effect to the SYs96 when Spectrum and Uroboros teamed up to make a low melt glass.
Given American models and kilns, fluorine is not an option given the number of electric units. Lithium is really expensive. The other option I see is nitrates.

There's no free lunch to a low melt. The circumstances that make for low viscosity couple up with assaults on refractories. Spectrum was criticised for it and initially blamed the crucible makers until finally changing the product as I have urged Andreea to do. That, as I expected was dismissed. Now, taking the boron out will require changes in the potassium content and the sodium as well. That will really change the viscosity curves which show up in performance. That says nothing about the expansion coefficients and the european and American models are somewhat different. Significantly so.

So, it will be interesting to see what occurs with the alteration of that formula. I simply would not want to be the supplier holding 40 containers of the old stuff if a new improved model comes into existence.

That's my current take on this. Your work is certainly cut out for you.
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