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We are doing the following.
1) guidelines on not coming in as an employee if you feel sick.
2) relaxing refund/reschedule policies on events with guidelines for sick and at risk to avoid.
3) individual blow hoses sterilized every day and each blowhose has a different tag and tag color to prevent mix ups.
4) Sterilizing pipe mouthpieces with 91% alcohol
5) Wiping down pipes multiple times a day and between customers with Clorox wipes.
6) Fogging with Lysol spray in shop and gallery.
7) Wipeing down surfaces in the gallery with Clorox wipes.
8) 2X purell hand sanitizer.
9) All public events solid forms until further notice.

All disinfectants except for the purell are on the EPA approved disinfectants for this incident.

If there is anything I am missing please let me know.
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