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The final product Mark made that I'm aware of essentially became Titanium Aluminate which as it turned out was a product Corning developed years back as the shields for NASA to prevent Ablation.

How that worked out in glass is strange. You could pick up a chunk of it in the hotbox and then take it to the gloryhole and wait forever. It was oblivious to the gloryhole completely. It would not melt.

Mark is such a perfectionist that this was the end of the line. I do think there were many glasses along the line that would work great as the titanium white. I have a bunch of bars from different melts and the bulk work as cane. It might be that Mark could go back to some of the tests earlier on that he had Nick Fruin assisting on.

I imagine that the Italians will just make the old lead arsenate illegally.

He is coming back from Tucson today and we will talk. We went over a bunch of lithium variants before he left and he was going to push those notions at the students as demos of the effects of fluxes. .
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