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I got to try a sample that Nick F. had brought to GAS Murano. It was the stiffer of two varieties that were there, and it did go quite a ways for making fine lines, prob more than the Gaffer white duro. Nick did some cups made with zanfirico cane for Mark a while back which I got to see at Mark's studio last spring. Mark had a magnifying glass set up because you couldn't see the super fine lines with the naked eye. But they were there under the magnifier.. I also put this white through some murrini tests and it seemed to fit SP clear quite well. (unlike some other colors when used in murrini) I'm sure I'll never get to see Mark's formula but I think the biggest appeal, for those of us who have the experience and ability, could be to melt it ourselves without having to worry about the extreme health issues of the traditional lead arsenate melts. I'd love to be able to add colorants to this base and make my own bars for personal use.
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