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For those of us on a shoestring budget alternative methods like this may be our only option. When I first saw those brazing rods (about a year ago maybe) I poked-around welders' forums to see what pros think. Apparently, it's something that's not new (as advertised), and most of the old-timers dismissed it out of hand. Some of the ones that got some of the "new" ones being pitched said they were pleasantly surprised by the results, and that they are better than older variants. But hey, it's the internet, so how do know what's true and what's not? Regardless, I have no need to weld aluminum at the moment, so I'm not going to spend any money just to tinker with something (I do enough of that already).

The last metal fab/machine shop I worked in the foreman was training me on cnc and set me loose to try my hand at welding aluminum. What a mess. You do have to start over at square one.
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