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Is your TIG DC only, or can it do AC? If it can, I'd say just go for it, no need to buy a spool gun.

TIG welding aluminum is a bit different compared to steel, but can still be picked up in an afternoon well enough to hold a frame together. Practice on some scrap first, the biggest things that are different from welding mild steel are that you need to dump a lot more heat into it, and the puddle will feel like it goes from solid to liquid much more quickly and with less warning (because you don't get a color gradation as it warms up the same way you do with steel). Feels similar to soldering/brazing in that respect, like how a eutectic alloy "lets go" all at once instead of melting more slowly. If the puddle feels like it's getting away from you, just move it faster to cool things down a bit.

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